Trucking services are a form of ground freight that move cargo from point A to point B over land. Trucks use shipping routes to move goods throughout to deliver shipments for various industries.


LTL or Partial Truckload

This option is for shippers whose cargo does not fill an entire truck, but is over 100lbs. Less than Truckload shipping, LTL, allows shippers to put their goods on a truck along with others where they only pay for the space they use. This option is an economical way to ship goods over land that does not require an entire truck.

Shipping by truck allows you to move large or small shipments, as well as shipments that require special conditions. Shipping by truck can also be very economical.


FTL or Full Truckload

Full Truckload is a great shipping option when you have a shipment that fills a full freight trailer (typically measuring 8’-8.5’ wide, 12.5’-13.5’ high, and 40’-53’ long) or you need a dedicated truck trailer just for your goods. Selecting to ship FTL allows you to have more control over truck route.

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